Surveyors spend a significant amount of time estimating the cost of boundary surveys for prospective clients. Calling and asking how much we charge for a boundary survey isn’t as easy as it sounds. Boundary surveys do not come at a standard price. There are several factors that can affect the time required to complete a survey. While each is generally based on hourly rates, this includes:

  • Size and shape of the parcel
  • How the property is described
  • Number of adjoining parcels
  • Research/Records Search
  • Topography and vegetation cover (hills, wooded, brush, or open)
  • Location of the parcel
  • Time of Year
  • Ability to recover previous survey evidence

After discussing your specific surveying needs, we thoroughly research survey records, legal descriptions, survey monument locations and visit your site for the purpose of providing you an accurate and fair cost proposal. The cost of completing your survey will be estimated based on the time and hourly rates required to complete the survey process.   Due to the wide range of potential circumstances and variables that may come up, which are out of the control of the surveyor, only an estimate can be provided.

Rest assured that we will do our very best to make sure you understand your surveying cost, that your survey comes in on budget and on time without sacrificing accuracy.